As soon as 'Romantic Road' starts, you come to the understanding that Rupert Grey is a walking paradox - a London lawyer and walking oddity of fun self-expression. This documentary is the story of Rupert embracing old age. Content with his life of obscurity and adventure, he sets about conquering retirement with some serious risk-taking. After much research and a lifelong dream, Rupert travels the entire outskirts of India in his father's old Rolls Royce, a gesture quite poignant in its commemoration of both his father and the service of the car to the family.

What's truly wonderful about this film is its formation into a love letter to Jan, Rupert's wife. The documentary becomes an acknowledgment of the role she plays in both the family and in her marriage. She's an enabler of adventure, the voice of logic and a true fit for Rupert. 'Romantic Road' is a summation of how the trip would have been impossible without Jan and a nod to the love shared between the two partners and their willingness to live a bold and colourful life with each other.


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